How to Get Giratina - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

After you complete the "seeking the remaining plates" mission in Jubilife City, it's time to return home to jubilife village.

Game will automatically send out a request to capture Giratina.

In order to find Giratina, you must go to Turnback cave, which is near a spring path in the cobalt coastlands.

Giratina is much easier to catch this time around compared to your previous attempt.

Send out Pokemon with high defense and decent HP and attack power.

Giratina is weak to Dragon and Dark-type moves, so bring a Pokemon that knows one of these types of moves.

After completing the request, you also obtain a shiny gemstone from inside the cave.

Giratina has 2 forms. You can use Griseous Orb to switch between them.