How to Get Great Jar's Arsenal - Elden Ring

Location: In caelid, the great jar's Arsenal is located.

How to Get: Limgrave to Siofra River Well

You must travel to the Siofra River well in mistwood and prepare 2 Stonesword keys, to get access to this area.

To enter the Siofra River, enter the well and use the elevator.

How to Get: Siofra River to Caelid: Until you reach a staircase leading to an elevator, travel north-east and navigate through the enemies.

To reach another area of the siofra river, use the elevator.

Until you reach the second siofra river well, continue your journey north-east.

In this area, you must be aware of the enemies who can hurl projectiles at you.

Until you reach the well, do your best to avoid them.

To gain access to another area of caelid, ride the lift..

How to Get: Caelid to Great Jar: There are two celem arehers protecting the area.

Before talking to the Great Jar, it is better to get rid of them.

Strike a conversation with the Great Jar, once they have been dealt with.

When you talk to the great jar, it will let you see the knight of the great jar's red summon sign.

To get the talisman, you must fight all three tarnished.

Be wary of your stamina to dodge their counterattacks, after trying to be aggressive so they won't have a chance to fight back.

When all three enemies have fallen, you will then receive the Great-Jar's Arsenal.

Stats: Equip the great-Jar's Arsenal to increase your maximum equip load by 19%.

With this in effect, you can equip better armor and weapons so you can fight harder.

This talisman would be a perfect compromise, if you are focused on allocating points on other stats instead of endurance.