How to Get Grotle in Pokemon Legends - Arceus (Grotle Location)

The only place to find a Grottle is in the crimson meadows.

They are available all day, every day, and no matter what the weather.

Grotles are quite rare and have a slow spawn rate.

Just be patient, and you'll see it eventually.

When you encounter an Alpha Go in the wild, you can expect some resistance.

Grotles are generally calmer than Turtwigs.

Grotles are small, furry creatures that will not run away when they see you, but may attack you if they feel threatened.

This means that if you want to avoid getting caught by someone, it is best to try and sneak past them without them noticing.

Lure them away with something they love to eat, and then hide in the bushes.

Hearty grains, dazzling honey, Crunchy salt, plump beans, or springy mushrooms will help to distract.

When they are distracted, throw a Poké Ball.

Grotles have a high capture rate, but they are always alert.