How to Get Infernape in Pokemon Legends - Arceus

A fire-type Pokemon called Infernape is located within the Fieldlands, specifically at the island of Ramana.

A fire-type Pokemon, Infernape lives freely at the center of the island.

Alpha Pokemon are powerful Pokemon, so you have to battle them if you want to catch them.

There is a small chance that you can catch it by surprise, but the odds are  against you.

If your sneak attack fails, the enemy will try to attack you.

Once you get infernape angry, it will start battling.

It's best to take down the Infernape by making it look sluggish and drowsy.

Psychic and Electric-type pokemon are the right tools to help you.

Tossing an Ultra Ball, Heavy Ball, or Great Ball at an Infernape can help you catch it.