How to Get Longtail Cat Talisman - Elden Ring

To find the talisman, you'll need to access the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

In order to gain access to the academy, you must find an academy glintstone key. You can acquire one from here.

If you want to get the glintstone key, be careful because a dragon is guarding it.

Schoolhouse classroom site of grace is located in the academy of Raya lucaria, go there.

From the schoolhouse, head north and exit the building. Then jump onto the rotating platforms.

Until it shifts to the other side, ride it.

All the way down, ride the platform. Then drop down.

Defeat the enemy at the bottom and make your way to the corpse on the east side.

Loot the dead body to obtain the longtail cat talisman.

One of the many unique items in Elden Ring is the longtail cat talisman, which allows users to fall from great heights without fear of fall damage.

If you are trying to scale down areas that require you to drop to areas, this is a useful.

With this talisman, you will be able to survive heights that would have killed you in the past.