How to Get Misericorde - Elden Ring

Inside storm veil castle in a limb grave, misericorde can be looted from a corpse.

In order to open this room, you need a stone sword key. The key is guarded by an imp statue in one of the hallways next to the room where you can find the grafted scion.

You will gain access to stormville castle, after defeating margit the fell omen.

You may fast travel there, if you have the rampant tower site of grace discovered.

We shall show you how to get to the hallway where the grafted scion is located, from the site of grace.

Inside you will have to defeat the grafted scion or just speed run to the door on the other side after defeating the two rotten strays.

You will see an imp statue where you can use a stone sword key to unlock the area after turning left.

You have to defeat two enemies in the room. It is easier to kill one of them first and then the second, after unlocking.

You will be able to loot the misericorde off a corpse, inside.

The misericorde is a dagger that scales with strength and dexterity.

This dagger is an excellent weapon to have on hand early in the game. It has the highest crit rate of all the daggers available, and it’s very useful.

It has a skill called quickstep that helps you gain advantage against enemies in battle.

The physical attack of this dagger is 92, and its critical attack is 140.

Its damage negations are 21 magic, fire, light and holy, 36 physical, and 15 boost.

To be able to use effectively, it needs 7 strength and 12 dexterity . It uses 3 FP and has a weight of 2.