How to Get Pachirisu in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Where to find Pachirisu

A Pikachu can be found in the crimson mirelands.

You can find it on the southwest of Gapejaw bog.

It can be found in all weather conditions.

To get there, go south from Mirelands Camp.

When you have a Pokémon with the move Fly, it's easier to get to the area.

You can also ride wyrdeer and cross the wooden bridges.

Pachirisu's Type and Basic info

Pachirisu is an electric-type Pokemon..

This Pokemon is strong against Electric-type, Flying-type, and steel-type Pokemon.

But weak against the ground-type Pokemon.

Use smoke Bombs and Razz Berries

While Pokemon is looking the other way, throw a smoke bomb to get closer to it.

Throw a Razz Berry to a spot that will allow you to hold on to Pikachu's back.

Approach with caution and then throw the heavy ball.

You can also use Gigaton Ball)

If the Pokemon escapes from the ball, flee the area immediately.

You can also use a stealth spray to sneak up on the alpha.

Repeatedly Catch them Unawares

Approach a wild pokemon and throw a pokeball at it to start a battle.

On your turn, you move to the back of the Alpha Pokemon and choose to run away from the battle.

When the battle ends, throw your pokemon at the alpha pokemon again to catch them by surprise.

You must weaken the Pokemon until its HP gauge displays yellow and red.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you fail.

Then use a heavy ball (or a leaden/Gigaton ball to catch pachirisu.

To increase the catch rate, the star rank must be raised.

The best way to increase the odds of catching a rare Pokemon.

Is by raising your star rank.

If you're having a hard time catching the Alpha Pokemon,

Then get back with higher survey corps rank.

Pachirisu's Learnset by leveling up.

Pachirisu's learnset that can be learned from the training grounds.