How to Get Ponyta in Pokemon Legends: Arceus 

Where to Find Ponyla

You can find Ponyta in Obsidian fieldlands.

It can be found at Horseshoe Plains at any time of the day, in any kind of weather.

Ponyta's Type and basic info

The Ponyta is a Pokemon that is a fire-type.

This Pokemon is super effective against Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, and Fairy Types.

This Pokemon is weak against water, ground, and rock-type Pokemon.

How to Catch Ponyta

To catch a Ponyta, you should crouch down and use tall grass.

To hide while throwing berries.

Get behind it and throw your Pokeball.

Ponyta really likes Mushrooms, Grains, and Beans.

Ponyta's Learnset

Ponyta's Learnset by leveling up.

Learnsets it can learn from the Training Grounds.