How to Get Raichu in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Where to find Raichu

A Raichu can be found in the crimson Mirelands.

You can find it on the northwest of the golden lowlands.

It can be found in all weather conditions.

There's a steep mountain in your way, you'll need to ride.

Use hisuian braviary to ride.

However, you can also climb the mountain by using a wyrdeer by jumping your way to the top.

Raichu Type and Basic Info

Raichu is a Pokemon that is Electric-type.

It's strong against Electric, Flying, and Steel-type pokemon.

But weak to ground-type Pokemon.

Use smoke bombs and Razz Berries

To catch a Raichu, throw a smoke bomb to distract it.

If you throw a Razz Berry away, you will have an opening on Raichu's back.

Approach slowly until you are close enough to throw a heavy ball.

You can also throw a Gigaton ball at its backside.

If it escapes the ball then move towards the smoke.

You can also use a stealth spray to sneak up on the Alpha.

Repeatedly Catch them Unawares

Approach the wild pokemon and throw out your pokeball.

When it is your turn, you can choose to run from battle by moving to the back of the Alpha Pokemon.

When the fighting is over, throw your pokemon at the alpha pokemon to take it down.

Damage him until they reach the yellow-Red Hp gauge.

By repeating steps 2 and 3, you will inevitably catch some of your audience off guard.

Then get your Pokeball ready to catch Raichu.

Raise your star rank to catch more Pokémon.

An effective way to increase a Pokemon's catch rate.

You get more stars by doing research tasks.

If you find yourself unable to catch the alphas, consider the following:

Get back with higher survey corps rank.

List of the moves Raichu learns when it levels up.

Raichu's learneset that can be learned from the training grounds.