How to Get Tangrowth in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Tangrowth Location)

Alpha Tangrowth is common in the crimson mirelands.

You can find it on the western edge of scarlet bog.

Tangrowth is a Pokemon that is classified as a grass-type.

Tangrowth has an advantage over Pokemon that use water, grass, electricity, and ground attacks.

But they are weak against other types of Pokemon, such as fire, ice, poison, flying and bug type Pokemon.

When Tangrowth's back is turned, toss a Smoke Ball to make yourself invisible so you can sneak up on it.

Throw a Razz Berry at a spot where Tangrowth's back is exposed.

Try to get close enough to throw a ball that will knock the creature out or kill it.

If Tangrowth escapes the ball, run away.

You can also try sneaking up on the alpha by using a stealth spray.

Start a Pokemon battle by throwing out a Poke ball.

When it's your turn, slip behind the leader Pokemon and choose to run away.

Once the battle is over, throw your Pokemon at the alpha Pokemon again to catch them off guard.

Keep attacking the Pokemon until they reach the yellow or red HP gauge.

If you can't catch them unawares, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Catch a tangrowth with a heavy ball (or leaden/ Gigaton ball).

This is a list of all the moves tangrowth can learn by accruing experience points.

Here are the moves tangrowth can learn from the training grounds.