How to Get the Ghiza's Wheel - Elden Ring

This is partly due to its unique skill. It can spin at top speeds and grind anything in its path.


If you are just starting out in the game, a bridge to the north of Storm Hill Shack will take you to a passageway around Stormvale Castle. It will lead you to Liurnia.

Until you reach the ravine-veiled village site of grace, follow the waters of liurnia all the way to the north.

After that, you have to climb up and make your way past the Ruin strewn precipice.

You will have to face Magma Wyrm Makar if you want to get to Atlus Plateau. Defeating Makar is one of the ways to get there.

How to get there

Ghiza’s wheel is located in Volcano Manor, which is somewhere in Mt. Gelmir.

To get to Mt. Gelmir and by extent, the volcano manor as well, you may have to circle the atlus plateau.

Head straight through the door and open it after entering Volcano manor.

Activate the site of grace further ahead.

Until you reach the dining area of the manor, go up the stairs to the right.

Get the treasure from the corpse after heading straight. You will be invaded by the inquisitor ghiza after that.

How to Beat the Boss

When the weapon wheel starts spinning, remember not to get close to ghiza. He is, however, open to a jumping attack when the weapon skill ends.

Upon defeating him, players will receive Ghiza’s wheel.

Weapon Showcase

The Ghiza’s wheel is a great fit for strength and dexterity-based characters.

This weapon is great for dealing a huge amount of physical damage with a fast turning wheel as a dark visual aesthetic.