How to Get to Magma Wyrm Makar - Elden Ring

The grand lift of Dectus is an elevator lift.

You will need to fast travel to the grand lift of Dectus grace.

The lift here takes you higher.

You need two Dectus medallions to use the lift.

After that, ride northwest to view the canyon below.

Then ride south west for a path down to the canyon.

Near the canyon floor, you have to go north east.

And activate the Ravine-veiled village grace.

You are now in the canyon north of the lift.

You will need to start climbing up and out of the canyon.

And activate the Ruin-strewn precipice grace.

This grace is higher than the previous one.

Keep going up.

After that, follow the path and keep going up.

You have to summon something to keep them busy.

Use distraction to keep going higher.

And then activate the ruin-strewn precipice outlook.

After that, enter the mist and kill the dragon (makar).

You will need to activate the unlocked magma wyrm grace.

Then move up to the canyon top.

And activate the abandoned coffin grace.

Don't forget ruler's mask, robe.

Activate Erdtree-Gazing hill grace.

Finally go to the grand lift of Dectus.

Success! now you are on the other side of the lift.