How to Get Enamorus - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

If you want to learn about the origin of the nature-based Pokemon, go visit Cogita in Galaxy Hall.

Accept request 94: incarnate the forces of hisui.

The most important thing is to catch Tornadus, Landorus, and Thundurus. You will need to raise the research level of each Pokémon up to level 10.

After that, Cogita wants to meet at an ancient retreat.

You will have to travel to the crimson mirelands and head to scarlet bog.

If you want to catch this Enamorus, you have to get past these other Pokemon.

The Enamorus has a tornado barrier. To capture it, you must destroy the tornado barrier.

You can sneak up on Enamorus by using stealthy techniques such as the smoke bomb to get within the  throwing distance.

Enamorus is surrounded by swamp and moves fast, making it difficult to sneak up.

It would be faster to run up using the Wyrdeer and throw mud balls or spoiled berries at it.

You have to be careful. The attack is a bit confusing. It reverses your direction.

To begin a battle, you need to make a back strike with your pokemon when you are in range.

Lower its health, and then use the ultra ball.

Enamorus is weak to the elements electric, ice, poison, rock, and steel.

Use any of these types to lower its HP easily.