How to Get Turtwig in Pokemon Legends - Arceus

To find a Turtwig, you must go to a pond in the Droning Meadows of the Crimson Mirelands.

They're there any time of day, every day.

They're there any time of day, every day (Zoom In).

Turtwig is a small, green Pokemon with a large head. They are very common, yet they do not appear in pairs.

However, when you leave the area, they come back quickly.

Turtwig are shy creatures. If you see one or make any noise, it will run away immediately.

Lure them with Crunchy Salt, Plump Beans, Hearty Grains, Dazzling Honey, or Springy Mushroom.

If you want to make a move, do it when they are distracted.

Most tortoises are not caught immediately.

Always keep a backup Pokeball at the ready because if you fail to catch the Pokemon, it'll get away.