Make 1 Billion Runes in 5 Minutes in Elden Ring

First, you will need to start the Elden Ring.

Go into the system, and then to the Network.

Make Sure the following are Set: Cross-Region Play: Perform Matchmaking Send Summon Sign: Enable Launch Setting: Play Online Data Usage agreement: Accept.

After that, select continue (or load the game).

You have to fast travel to any favorite grace.

Press Option-> Multiplayer.

Then press the triangle and enter a multiplayer password.

After that, go back (0) and X on furlcalling finger remedy.

Then go to your friends list on PSN (PC, or XBox) and message Elden Ring players your multiplayer password. Note: They must be playing on the same type of gaming system.

You need to ask them to use the same settings.

And ask them to go to the same grace as you.

They must use Tarnished's Furled Finger (can't attack each other) or Duelist's Furled Finger (can attack each other).

After that, look for a stripe on the ground, Gold Stripe (if they used Tarnished's Furled Finger) Red strip ( If they used Duelist's Furled finger).

Then you have to press a triangle on a red or gold stripe and press X.

And wait for them to spawn.

The gold god is a real player.

Say hello with Prattling pate "Hello".

Then message your friend on PSN (or whatever gaming system's message system) that you want runes. Most players who join multiplayer will have done rune duplication glitches.

Next, you have to wait for your friend to drop Runes.

Pick up 99 lord's rune.

And go into inventory to Lord's rune.

Press X, use selected, select 99, select yes.

You just got about 5 million runes in 5 seconds.

After that, attack each other for fun, but do the next step.

When you die, you have to exit the game, or use finger severer, multiplayer ends.

This time use Tarnished's Furled finger or Duelist's furled finger.

What you see on the ground is what others see.

Make sure they use the same multiplayer password.

And also make sure to use the same settings.

Make sure they are at the same grace as you.

Make sure they use Furlcalling Finger remedy.

Then they will see your gold (or red) stripe.

They can then summon you to their world.

If you are summoned, you can pick up more.

Runes dropped on ground (not carried to you).

More than 99 items are put in a remote chest.

You have to use Finger Severer to exit the multiplayer session.

You are now in your own world.

Use 99 Lord's rune.

Rest at a grace and go into sort chest.

Trying to move more than 99 gives an error.

After that, you have to exit and use up 99 Lord's rune.

Repeat until all runes are used up.

It is easy to get 1 billion runes 1 drop = 99 Lord's rune = 3950000 runes 253 drops = 1 Billion runes.

Now you will need to rest at grace and level up.

And upgrade stats that you need.