How to Reach Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring

You have to make your way to the Grand lift of Rold.

And have Rold Medallion from beating Morgott.

Hoist Rold Medallion to go up lift.

You will need to go to Zamor Ruins grace.

After that, make your way to Ancient Snow Valley Ruins grace.

Go to Freezing Lake grace.

And then go to Castle Sol main gate grace.

Go south west and up the cliff.

And memorize this area.

Below is a shack from a previous version.

After that, you have to go back to Important area.

Run and jump at the pointed cliff edge.

Double jump while aiming at white spire.

Turn left when falling (slide on wall).

Success if Stake of Marika appears.

You skipped the consecrated snowfield.

Go to Ordina, Liturgical grace.

Get map fragment of area.

Total map of Elden ring.