How to Restore Morgott's Great Rune in Elden Ring

You have to start at east Capital Rampart Grace.

Follow the path to the castle exit door.

After that, open the door and go to the lift.

Then you need to ride lift to the top.

Go east to another lift.

Ride down lift to Forbidden land's grace.

Here are the recommended items to have.

You must have Magic Glintblade from Miriel.

Have Lusat's Glintstone Staff from Sellia.

And also have Antspur Rapier scarlet rot weapon.

You will need to wear best fire damage negation armor.

After that, ride lift back up.

And go south east until black for starts.

Lock R3 and cast R1 right fell twins.

You need to refill FP (square) and stay back.

Dodge (O) and repeat until dead.

After that, summon Rotten stray.

And poke Fell Twin when he is busy.

Once Scarlet rot starts, you have to stay back.

Dodge, cast spells (if safe), and repeat.

Eventually Scarlet rot will kill him.

You have to repeat until Fell Twin dies.

After that, get Omenkiller Rollo spirit Ash.

And activate Divine tower of east Altus: gate grace.

Next, you will need to open the door and ride lift up.

Go to the top of the tower.

And restore Morgott's Great rune.

After that, you will need to activate Divine Tower of eat Altus grace.

Note HP base stats (944).

Rest at grace select Great Runes.

And choose Morgott's great rune.

You need to use a Rune Arc to activate a great rune.

Note Increased HP (1180) a 25% increase.

Fast travel to roundtable hold.

Go to the two fingers room.

And talk to Enia.

You have to buy Morgott's Fell Omen Cloak

Receive power from remembrance.

After that, select one of the two options.

Demo Morgot's Cursed Sword.

Demo Fell Omen Cloak.

Demo Omenkiller Rollo.