How to Solve Ordina's Puzzle - Elden Ring

One of the tools to help you in your quest is to get a hold of the sentry’s torch.

It’s a zoomed out screenshot of the map map.

Go to the shack and immediately talk to the merchant.

7000 runes is the cost of the torch.

Go back to Ordiana after buying the sentry’s torch.

When you come into town, go up the stairs.

To reach the other side you have to walk around to the right side.

Before entering the evergaol, read the inspection for a clue on what to do.

You will be hunted persistently by unseen enemies, once you are in.

The easiest tower to reach is on the western side of the town.

Proceed with Caution because there is a black knife assassin lurking.

At the building, go to the back. Climb up the ladder at the rightmost part of the building to light up the statue.

Travel east to a staircase, from this building.

As you climb the stairs, you will find another ladder on the side of the building.

Platform across it. Climb up the tower.

At this point, the archers will begin firing their arrows at you. The wall you're jumping down is on the left side of the building.

In this game, you should try to avoid or block the enemies' attacks to reach the next level.

You must kill the two archers on the rooftop before lighting the final candle.

Once the problems have been dealt with, drop down to the street and walk down the center staircase.

There's an assassin waiting right in front of the last statue.

To light the final candle, we must remove the assassin from the equation.

Rewards: Then, you will leave the evergael when all four candles are lit.

After you return from the journey, you can use the teleporter to travel to the lands of haligtree.

Miquilla’s Haligtree.