Unlock Flying Horse Mode in Elden Ring

You have to set play offline (optional but faster).

And then fast travel to bestial sanctum.

Go outside and move near the cliffs.

You will need to drop down to the lowest level in the secret area.

After that, ride towards the opposite side.

And pick up loot (optional).

Memorize this order of button presses Options-Up->X->L1->X->left->X.

Then Press X two times to continue the game.

If torrent is there, then success.

Next, you will need to hold the O button to run on horse.


You have to finish the buttons before you land.

And press X button two times to continue.

You need to do it fast enough, torrent is here.

Now Torrent will appear each reload.

Reload here (It can be slow this time): Options->up->X->L1->X->left->X.

After that, press the X button twice to continue the game.

Note Torrent appears after every reload.

You have to find a spot where the Torrent will fall after reload.

Has to have a death box below too.

You must try to have one leg dangling.


Spawning again makes Torrent a unicorn.

You now have a flying unicorn!

You have to fly east out of the map.

Go east past the waterfall and look back.

A view that you would normally not see.

You need to keep going east (looking back view).

You are now off the map.