Unlock Secret Area in Elden Ring

First, you have to go to the village of the Albinaurics grace.

And then go to "Big Pot".

Strike "Big Pot" and listen.

You have to get the Haligtree secret Medallion (right Half).

After that, make your way to Lakeside Crystal cave grace.

And defeat bloodhound knight.

Talk to Latenna the Albinauric.

Show Haligtree secret Medallion (right).

You have to keep talking for Medallion location info.

The left half of Haligtree Secret Medallion location.

After that, go to the Castle Sol Main gate grace.

Go to church of the Eclipse grace.

And summon help.

You will need to follow the path to Commander Niall boss.

Defeat Commander Niall.

And activate the Castle Sol rooftop grace.

Get Haligtree secret medallion (left half).

Get Strange info.

After that, you have to fast travel to Grand lift of rold.

Verify 2 Haligtree secret medallions.

Press right until hoist secret Medallion.

And then press triangle to go to secret area.

After that, you need to go to the hidden path to the Haligtree grace.

Keep going north to map Fragment.

Get last map (consecrated snowfield).

Go to the nearest grace.

And activate Ordina, Liturgical town grace.