Top Secrets in Elden Ring

You can use L1/L2 to swing the left side of horse.

You can climb chains.

And slide down the ladder (left analog down + O).

You can use R1 on ladder to strike upwards.

R2 on ladder to strike downwards.

The safe spot is right below the ladder top.

You can fall backwards (no damage).

Safely fall down on the updraft area.

You can remove any robe with a tailoring tool.

You can make a torrent fly.

Those posts are there for dumb A.I. tricks.

You can't sit on big seats because for emotes.

The Beast-Repellent torch does not work on leader.

Ladder wolf will howl in certain conditions.

Petting leader wolf.

You have to be nice and drop bones for angry leader wolf.

Lure giants to open up statues.

Hold down to quickly switch to health potion.

Spam X on health talisman to quickly heal.