How to Find Missing Princess Upstairs of Van Horn Fence in Red Dead Redemption 2 ?

Step 1

You have to start by looking for the newspapers in Satchel.

Step 2

And read the Blackwater ledger no. 64.

Step 3

You will notice a Royal Kidnap article on the ledger.

Step 4

Read and go to Royal Kidnap article.

Step 5

It will be written that there is a $1000 reward for info on Princess Isabeau

Step 6

And there’s a rumor that she was taken to a small town.

Step 7

After that, you will need to make your way to the Van Horn trading post (small town).

Step 8

And then go to the saloon.

Step 9

You will find a poster on the saloon’s wall, inspect that.

Step 10

A 5 old princess is missing for 15 years.

Step 11

Her name is Isabeau Katharina Zmsmeister.

Step 12

And she is from Luxembourg.

Step 13

Now, you have to go inside the saloon.

Step 14

And order a drink.

Step 15

And listen to the gossips about te missing princess.

Step 16

Could this be the princess? Check her right hand.

Step 17

There is no Birthmark.

Step 18

And also check her left cheek.

Step 19

Probably no birthmark there.

Step 20

But she is blond and wears a necklace.

Step 21

She is talented (probably not her though)

Step 22

Now, you have to make your way to Fence.

Step 23

And look for a chest with IKZ initials.

Step 24

IKZ = lsabeau Katharina Zinsmeister.

Step 25

There is the great coat of arms of Luxembourg.

Step 26

There are 2 dolls and a baseball with the bat.

Step 27

Below are riding horse and child tricycle.

Step 28

They are the belongings of the missing Princess.

Step 29

Then you will notice a staircase to the second floor.

Step 30

But inside door to the second floor is locked.

Step 31

You will need to rob the shopkeeper.

Step 32

Lasso and hogtie shopkeeper.

Step 33

And then exit the fence store.

Step 34

You will find that the outside door to the second floor is also locked.

Step 35

You need to use the trick to get inside.

Step 36

Move upstairs after getting in.

Step 37

Your head will bump into the invisible ceiling.

Step 38

You can use the crouch mode to go up.

Step 39

Now your back hits the invisible ceiling.

Step 40

And your trick will not work on the ceilings.

Step 41

Wield lasso, aim, jump allows a peek up.

Step 42

The shelves are mostly empty.

Step 43

Sweeping view of the upper floor.

Step 44

After that, you have to reload and go to the empty spot.

Step 45

You have to create a stagecoach.

Step 46

And move that stagecoach next to the Fence store.

Step 47

Hope on the stagecoach using the roof.

Step 48

And use the trick to get inside the second floor.

Step 49

Move right and go to the first person view.

Step 50

You can now see the second floor.

Step 51

You can switch to 3rd person mode to see the ceiling structure.

Step 52

And then switch back to check the Barn next to the Fence.

Step 53

Check between bath and the rental room.

Step 54

And also check the horse shoeing building.

Step 55

Finally, you need to check the house north end of town.