How to Ride Flying Car in Cyberpunk 2077

Step 1

You will need to make your way to Ripperdoc for implants.

Step 2

Get legs and then the reinforced tendons.

Step 3

This implant will allow you to double jump.

Step 4

You have to fast travel to Watson and then Riot station.

Step 5

Go east and enter the truck.

Step 6

Drive out and start going Westward.

Step 7

Follow this path.

Step 8

And turn left at yellow crossing.

Step 9

You will need to drive near the 2nd platform.

Step 10

Now, it is a good time to save.

Step 11

Back up the truck next to the door.

Step 12

Exit and double jump on the truck.

Step 13

You will note that there is a fence around the platform.

Step 14

There is an Invisible wall and you can’t jump over.

Step 15

Wait for the police car to land

Step 16

And prepare to double jump on the car.

Step 17

Tap the X button, and then tap X again.

Step 18

If timed right, you will stay on the top.

Step 19

Now you are riding a flying car.

Step 20

You can use L3+R3 to see yourself.

Step 21

The car will drop you off on the building.

Step 22

You will need to explore the building and lock down.

Step 23

After that, make your way to the 4th platform.

Step 24

There will be a same invisible wall.

Step 25

You have to wait for the Pink Flying Car.

Step 26

Double jump constantly may work.

Step 27

Riding 2nd flying car.

Step 28

This is 54 network news car.

Step 29

You need to stay on the car and it will fly back.

Step 30

You will land on an invisible platform.

Step 31

Save the game here to access next 2 cars.

Step 32

And then wait for the flying hospital car.

Step 33

You need to double jump to the hospital car.

Step 34

And stay on top of the car when it flies.

Step 35

You are now riding the 3rd flying car.

Step 36

This is Trauma Team Flying Car.

Step 37

This is Trauma Team Flying Car.

Step 38

This car will stay here forever.

Step 39

The buildings are too far away to jump on.

Step 40

So, you have to re-load and go to the 2nd platform.

Step 41

And then wait for the silver flying car to land.

Step 42

You need to double jump on top of the car.

Step 43

Wait for the car to fly and jump on the top.

Step 44

Ride the 4th flying car.

Step 45

This is a private flying car.