How to get to Secret Underground Tunnel in Cyberpunk 2077?

Step 1

You have to be at this wrecked car location.

Step 2

And call a motorcycle.

Step 3

Ride on the bike and look around for the wall.

Step 4

Drive the bike south towards the wall.

Step 5

You will need to pay very close attention to this area.

Step 6

Go right a bit.

Step 7

Then get off your bike and follow the path.

Step 8

Sneak under wall through here.

Step 9

You have to make sure to duck.

Step 10

And you are over the wall new.

Step 11

You will notice a red patch there (if explored).

Step 12

Now you have to call a motorcycle again.

Step 13

And ride that motorcycle to the red patch.

Step 14

Slow down if screen turns white.

Step 15

You have to skip the time to near midnight.

Step 16

You should be able to see again.

Step 17

And continue moving towards the red patch on the map.

Step 18

You will need to drive the bike to this exact spot.

Step 19

Here is a secret tunnel cut content.

Step 20

Find out where tunnel goes.

Step 21

The tunnel leads north towards the wall.

Step 22

You have to keep going to see where it leads.

Step 23

Tunnel now has an exit.

Step 24

Tunnel allows going under wall.

Step 25

There is a cut content under the wall missions.

Step 26

Get off bike and skip time to day.

Step 27

You will need to follow this path to get out.

Step 28

Jump climb here.

Step 29

And stay on this rock carefully.

Step 30

Double jump to ground above.

Step 31

You have successfully exited the tunnel.