How to Find Tahiti Island in Red Dead Redemption 2

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is make your way to south west of Saint Denis.

Step 2

Mark location on the map and go there.

Step 3

Once there, you need to find a sloped area of mud.

Step 4

And mark a location on the map across river.

Step 5

Now, you have to go in first person mode camera.

Step 6

And prepare to do this on gamepad.

Step 7

Press both analog buttons together and also the X button.

Step 8

Walk forward to slide, then press it.

Step 9

Do it fast, right after sliding.

Step 10

You need to hold the position until across river.

Step 11

Note mini-map is showing your travel.

Step 12

Soon you will be across the river.

Step 13

John just crossed the river.

Step 14

And then John eventually stops.

Step 15

It is the time to note your location across the river.

Step 16

And mark a new location on the map.

Step 17

After that, you have to go to the marked location.

Step 18

And get as close to the cliff as possible.

Step 19

You will need to drink 2 rum or 3 moonshine.

Step 20

And then wait for John to pass out.

Step 21

John will wake up above the cliff.

Step 22

Now, you need to mark location a bit south.

Step 23

And travel south away from the cliff.

Step 24

You have to mark a location on the map as shown.

Step 25

And mark just before the cursor slopes up.

Step 26

After that, you will need to go to the marked location.

Step 27

Here is the new mark location NW of john.

Step 28

You have to go SE (keep the marker behind John).

Step 29

Soon you will fall down below.

Step 30

You are now close to Tahiti.

Step 31

Again, you have to note your location on the map.

Step 32

Go south and climb the mountain.

Step 33

You need to observe lightning on Tahiti.

Step 34

Nice view of Tahiti.

Step 35

Tahiti location on map.

Step 36

After that, you will need to climb right side of the mountain.

Step 37

And then climb up to the top of mountain.

Step 38

You will note some mango trees there.

Step 39

You have to get close to the mango trees.

Step 40

Keep going south and observe.

Step 41

Now, you will need to travel to the other side of Tahiti island.

Step 42

You can enjoy the Tahiti beach water.

Step 43

But don’t go too far or you will die.