The Multi-Target Assassination S. Gold GTA 5 (Walkthrough)

The mission is now start, The Multi Target Assassination.

Lester will ask Franklin, ou know Redwood Cigarettes.

Lester will tell the jury that they have rigged a jury to throw out a class action lawsuit.

Which can cover the treatment cost of thousands of emphysema sufferers.

He will tell there are four corrupt jurors.

We have a few hours to take them down, because the court case is tomorrow morning.

Lester will advise you to pick some long distance weapon to do this job.

Get on a bike to take out the juror.

You have to eliminate all targets within the given time period.

Shoot him down.

After killing one, go to the next juror.

The juror is on the boat, shoot him with a sniper rifle.

Go to the next juror.

Shoot him down.

Last juror will be on a bike, you have to shoot him down.

After you kill them all, Franklin will call Lester to inform him.

The mission is now complete.