How to Visit Launch Pad and Kujira Supercarrier and Launch Spaceship in Cyberpunk 2077?

Step 1

First, you will need to go to this place on the map.

Step 2

Get off your bike and go near the water.

Step 3

You will notice a spaceship is about to lauch.

Step 4

You have to run into the water.

Step 5

And watch the spaceship launch.

Step 6

Liftoff !

Step 7

The spaceship is going to space station.

Step 8

It has gone into the space.

Step 9

After that, you will need to swim towards the launch pad.

Step 10

Half way there.

Step 11

You will notice that a ship appears on the left.

Step 12

That is Arasaka Aircraft Carrier.

Step 13

The stealth planes are on it.

Step 14

See tiny planes on deck?

Step 15

Now you will need to swim towards the launch pad.

Step 16

Last view, it disappears if on shore.

Step 17

Go toward the lauch pad.

Step 18

On top, there is an unlaunched spaceship.

Step 19

That building has a lauch personel.

Step 20

You have to climb up to the launch pad.

Step 21

Unlaunched spaceship.

Step 22

Get close to the top.

Step 23

Don’t worry, you won’t be teleported.

Step 24

It is the good time to save the game.

Step 25

After saving the game, you need to double jump onto the platform.

Step 26

1st console player here.

Step 27

Play on playstation 5.

Step 28

Xbox and ps4 can do it too.

Step 29

Looking at all sides of spaceship.

Step 30

Launched spaceship launch pad.