Complete Wisp Locations: Jubilife Village – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

After you defeat the Noble Klefki, return to Jubilife village and speak to Commander Kamado.

After a few cutscenes play out,  As they head back to their home Vessa will beckon the player at night.

After getting the Odd Keystone from Vessa, the player crosses the river to find a Wisp.


Once you have the wisp, Vessa will come up and ask you to find the Eerie Apparitions in the Night.

On the island where the game first started, at the shore near the dock, a wisp can be found.


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As you walk onto the beach, go into the village and then enter the houses on your left.


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Once you get the wisp behind the house, you will see a barn.


The next Wisp is behind the small shed on the opposite end of the farm.

After the shed, you must cross a wooden bridge to find the training grounds.


The last wisp is hidden behind the Training Grounds.

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After circling the Training Grounds building, you should head toward the Galactic hall building.


The wisp is behind the Galactic hall building.


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The last one is located near the river.


The path is found between the wallflower and the crafting shop.

The last wisp is hidden near a watermill.

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Talk to Vessa for a Reward

When you've got all the Wisps in the Jubilife Village, talk to Vessa for a prize.