Destiny 2 Is Adding A Weekly Rotator For Old Raids And Dungeons

Destiny 2 is introducing a weekly rotation of old raids and dungeons.

They revealed it in a studio’s weekly update post.

It is split into seasonal and weekly challenges.

We’ve heard your desire for reasons to return to previously released raid and dungeon content loud and clear, they said.

One way we’re freshening up the raid and dungeon experience in Destiny 2 is by developing a new rotation of featured content that we think you’ll like starting in Season 17, they also said that.

On the new raid and dungeon, the Seasonal rotation focuses for that season.

All raids and dungeons not listed as the Seasonal rotation.

You can get a reward of Pinnacle drop from a Weekly Challenge, if you complete the final encounter in any rotated raid or dungeon.

They won't have lockouts for Legendary items.

The Master difficulty version of Vow of the Disciple is coming next week.

Completing the Master raid will increase progress toward the Raid seal.