Elden Ring Overtakes Dying Light 2 as Steam's Most Wishlisted Game

Elden Ring is now Steam’s most wishlisted game taking over Dying Light 2.

Elder Ring is one month away from its release.

It’s become the most wishlisted game on Steam.

278,000 Steam users added the game to their wishlist, SteamDB reported.

It will launch on February 25th and took the most wanted game spot from Dying light 2.

Dying light 2 pre-release hype surrounded Cyberpunk 2077.

The development is total chaos of Dying Light 2, they said.

Elden Ring seems a slightly better bet at this point.

It’s a risky step taken by Elder ring to a style which West wasn’t quite sold on.

The game is capable of creating nightmare fuel.

They are coming back to its Armored Come Mecha series away from grim fantasy.