Elden Ring's 1.03 Patch Made One Of Its Most Unusual Characters Easier To Find

One of Elden Ring’s most unusual characters is now easier to find in a new update.

You might not be able to ride past Boc the Seamster now.

There is a questline near the start of the game that you might have missed.

Many people have missed it and the 1.03 patch has made it easier to find.

Boc the Seamster is a demi-human.

The game’s starting area is where he initially appears.

But he is disguised as a bush so he is hard to spot.

He does call out to players nearby just like some other side-characters.

But in the recent update his range has been increased and he is much easier to locate.

They clearly want players to find them but with natural curiosity.

Map-markers have also been introduced in the 1.03 patch.