Elden Ring's Bugged PvP Shield Spell Is Mightier Than Any Sword

Elden Ring’s bugged PvP shield spell is stronger than any sword.

Carian Retaliation is the latest exploit in PvP.

In the latest patch they buffed the efficacy of shields which created a new exploitable PvP build.

With a simple shield skill, players have found a new way to one-shot opponents.

The build uses the Ash of War of the same name that is applied to a shield.

It lets you parry skills and gain powerful sword projectiles fire at your enemies.

After parrying you can activate Carian Retaliation.

Glintstone Scraps also function similarly and it is also to do with it.

The magical swords are invisible so there is no way to dodge them.

You can parry your own spells and the animation of the swords shows up on your screen.

It is a difficult thing to pull off.