Elden Ring's Huge Rebalancing 1.04 Patch Also Patches

Elden Ring’s rebalancing 1.04 patch also fixes Patches.

And they want you to stop killing Millicent accidentally.

They are going to have some huge patches post-release.

With all that things happening in the game it will have bugs eventually.

This patch rebalanced many spells, weapons, and much more.

Still it's not fully balanced though.

Bandai Namco released patch notes covering a huge number of interactions, and adjustments.

Added some event phases for the NPC Patches. The list of major changes includes this line.

We are not sure yet what that means.

After helping Millicent at Miquella’s Haligtree, she will now be protected by a barrier.

Now there is an option to turn the camera auto rotate function off and on.

Madness is also more deadly now, as a status effect.