Enter Crater in Death Stranding

You will need to go to Capital Knot city.

You will notice a tunnel in the wall.

Notice buildings behind walls.

Those areas are not normally reachable.

After that, go inside and activate the terminal.

Claim 2400 special alloys.

And fabricate some ladders (optional).

You have to get at least one PCC (to make a safe house).

Anchor and floating carrier are required!

Power skeleton to carry all.

After that, you need to drive a vehicle to the location shown.

Be at this exact place.

And ready the climbing anchor.

You have to aim the anchor as close to the rock as possible.

Release Rope, then keep the left analog up.

After that, press square 2X (keep left analog up).

Use the right analog aim on the crevice.

Sam should get higher and higher.

Eventually Sam will start climbing air.

Pattern should be left, right, left, right.

You can use a rubber band to keep the left analog up.

Take a 15 minutes break while Sam climbs.

After that, use the right analog to position view.

Eventually Sam will hit the invisible Ceiling.

You can use the right analog to look around.

You can't move, but you can change clothes.

Then you need to press square to drop on an invisible wall.

And walk towards the forest then save the game.

Drop carrier and ride towards hill top.

Eventually Sam will ride down to the ground.

Floating carrier protects Sam from dying.

Continue climbing (left of Invisible wall).

Go towards Crater.

Stay left of the invisible wall here.

Once past an invisible wall, turn and climb.

You have to climb to the top towards Crater.

You have reached the Crater perimeter.

Go down and to the right to see black road.

Go towards that black road next to the rock.

Traveling to black road.

Note this place is right next to the crater.

You need to follow black road to the flat area by boulder.

Make a safe house here (out of bounds).

Use carried resources to complete it.

This is a good time to save.

Now you have to enter a safe house.

You can now teleport from/to here.

After that, exit the safe house and turn left.

From here you can reach Capital Knot city.

Follow this path (avoid blurry land).

One of the Many Inaccessible buildings.

Floors are not solid.

Same buildings have solid columns.

The upper floors are not solid.

Go through a tunnel in the wall.

This is the most beautiful building in the game.

Most buildings are half-height (miniatures).

Get into the ocean.

Stay near the wall to swim upside-down.

Fishes swim very close here.

Reload to safe house, time to visit crater.

Note floating people and cars.

Ride floating carrier through blurry land.

Floating carrier will protect you from fall.

Ride down Crater.

Hidden under the mountain is a secret structure.

Future videos will cover that area.

Go to the center of Crater and rest.

Play some music: Sam has entered Crater.