EVE Online Prices Are Going Up

Prices are going up for EVE Online.

Players are not happy about it, when CCP said that the price jumps are necessary to ensure the continued development of EVE.

They said the price of both Plex and Omega subscriptions will be going up in May.

This adjustment reflects global trends impacting general production costs and accounts for years of inflation, amending the 1-month USD subscription rate for the first time since 2004, they said.

These adjustments will have an impact on other [non-US] currencies.

One-month Omega subscription sells for $14.95.

Three months for $38.85.

Six months for $71.710.

12 months is for $131.40 and the prices will change on May 17.

The new prices will be one month - $19.99, Two months - $35.98, Three months - $47.98, Six months - $86.95, 12 months - $149.90, 24 months - $270.00.

Currently Plex can be purchased in bundles priced from $4.99 (110 Plex) to $499.99 (15,400 Plex).