Final Fantasy XV: Giant Frozen Shiva Next to Train Tracks

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is activate the God Mode.

Step 2

You can use Umbra to travel to Lucis.

Step 3

Fast travel to Galdin Quay outpost.

Step 4

Here are the exact locations of Cerberus Sniper rifle.

And then travel to Cape Caem outpost.

Step 5

You have to travel south east from the lighthouse.

Step 6

That island is called Angelgard.

Step 7

Make your way near the Angelgard island.

Step 8

Travel east until the mini-map has this pattern.

Step 9

Also make sure that the map has this pattern.

Step 10

Now you will need to go back to Angelgard.

Step 11

And enter into the cave on Angelgard.

Step 12

Save in a save slot when the feet is on ground.

Step 13

Load game from the same save slot.

Step 14

Verify you are in Neflheim.

Step 15

After that, you have to make your way to the Cartanica outpost.

Step 16

Put both feet close to the ground.

Step 17

Go into map->return to car.

Step 18

You have to look for a Shiva corpse near you.

Step 19

Explain Shiva corpse in the god mode.

Step 20

Shiva corpse from underneath.

Step 21

Shiva corpse during the sunset.