Finally, Libre Office Adds Klingon Language Support

LibreOffice adds Klingon language support.

They announced that Klingon will be supported by free software from February onwards.

Some rebel nerds made that happen.

They are going to add 100 other languages as well.

Many people are familiar with the Klingon language.

To learn Klingon use Klingonese.

To boost IT skills in places which don’t otherwise have software in their native languages is a noble goal.

Undeterred by the confines of a mono galactic community of translators, LibreOffice numbers are growing. Hundreds of millions or earthlings alone now have powerful tools honed in their native languages, they officially announced that.

Together we bring free and open source software to the Nekrit Expanse. We can go into space, and beyond. Use, inspect, improve and share freely — with all. Full tut ahead. They also said,

There are not many people in the world who can fluently speak Klingon.

You can join KLI for $10 a year.