Future Nvidia GPUs Could Be Manufactured By Intel

Nvidia GPUs could be manufactured by Intel in the future.

Can you imagine your next Nvidia GPU coming out of an Intel foundry?

Discussion around Intel’s Foundry services led to the surprising comments.

We are very open-minded to considering Intel, and I'm delighted by the efforts that they're making, they said.

why wouldn't Nvidia want to explore the option, If Intel’s process technology can deliver.

Intel is thrilled for their interest in using our foundry capabilities, They said.

Over reliance on TSMC is leading to some interesting chipmaking dynamics.

Samsung and Intel are spending a lot of money to increase their manufacturing capabilities.

A few years ago it would have been impossible for Intel to make Nvidia chips.

We have been working closely with Intel, sharing with them our roadmap long before we share it with the public, for years. Intel has known our secrets for years. AMD has known our secrets for years. We are sophisticated and mature enough to realize that we have to collaborate, they said.

Apple and Samsung both make competing products, but there are so many things that require collaboration between them.