Get £40 Off This Corsair PC Bundle With RTX 3070 Ti

Get £40 off this Corsair PC.

Which will include a case, powersully, CPU cooler, GPU, and fans.

During the chip shortage and pandemic, graphics cards were hit hard.

And prices are coming down for GPUs.

But The availability is still the issue at that price.

Prebuilds and bundles have been more popular because of the shortages.

The bundle for Corsair fans is on sale right now which includes Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition.

Which includes an 850 Watt power supply unit, an iCUE H150i Elite Capellix liquid CPU cooler, and much more.

But you have to source CPU, motherboard, and RAM.

You can source Corsair parts or any other one of your liking.

It looks like a nice selection of parts for the price as the deal is only £40 GPB off.