Get Inside Ship in in Death Stranding

First, you have to visit Port Knot city.

Go into the water.

Invisible wall here, blocking you from the ship.

You need to swim outward to see a ship in the background.

After that, go to the terminal in the Capital Knot city.

Fabricate Anchor and floating Carrier.

Drive a vehicle to the location shown.

Be at this exact place.

Ready Climbing Anchor.

Aim anchor as close to the rock as possible.

Release Rope, then keep the left Analog up.

Press square 2X (keep left analog up).

Use right analog aim on Crevice.

Sam should get higher and higher.

Eventually Sam will start climbing air.

Pattern Should be left, right, left, right.

Use a rubber band to keep the left analog up.

After that, take a 15 minutes break while Sam climbs.

You can use the right analog to position the view.

Eventually Sam will hit the invisible ceiling.

After that, you have to press square to drop on the invisible wall.

Walk towards Forest and then save the game.

Drop carrier and ride towards hill top.

Eventually Sam will ride down to the ground.

Floating carrier protects Sam from dying.

You have to continue climbing (left of the invisible wall).

After that, go towards Crater.

And stay left of an invisible wall here.

Once past an invisible wall, you need to turn and climb.

Climb to the top towards Crater.

You have reached the Crater perimeter.

Now you need to go down and to the right to see black road.

Go towards that black road next to the rock.

Traveling to the black road.

Note this place is right next to Crater.

You have to follow the black road to flat area by boulder.

Make a safe house (if you have resources).

Ride floating carrier.

Sam will ride south into the Crater below.

Then Sam will ride west to port knot city.

The goal is to reach the ship located deep in the city.

Start adventure!

Floating carrier protects Sam from fall.

Now you will need to go south and cross the crater.

When climbing out, find slant up plants.

Sam is out of the Crater now.

After that, go south until you can see solid land.

Notice Disneyland magic kingdom marker.

From here, you have to stay on highland.

Go west until you see Ocean.

Note skyscrapers next to Disneyland.

Go southwest from here on.

And then go west from here on.

When you see the ocean, your ship is there.

Go into water without dying.

Swim across to port knot city.

The city wall is transparent.

The buildings are Minatures (half-height).

So you need to stay near water to swim to the ship.

Go north to see the ship.

You will notice downtown buildings (out of bounds).

You have to go to the ship.

Sam has reached the ship (out of map).

Ship has details you can't see from afar.

See inside the ship.

And then see other side of the ship.

Finally, you need to sSee rear of the ship.