Halo Infinite Players Figure Out How To See Personal MMR

Halo Infinite players figure out how to see their personal MMR.

This could uncover a big problem with matchmaking.

In multiplayer games, MMR is essentially a measure of skill used to ensure fair matchups.

Similar MMR players help avoid the vicious beatdowns.

Normally games don't display that to players.

But Halo fans recently figured out how to track that.

By 343's servers, team-based data on performance and average MMR is provided.

But that doesn’t include solo MMR data.

Each time you play an FFA game, you can see what your MMR is as of the moment you complete that game, with the way the data flows from Halo Infinite now.

Right now this is the only way we know how to find this value, as we don't think it's something 343 wants folks to get a hold of, they wrote.

Not only was he getting some of the highest skill lobbies as someone that wasn't as familiar with these maps or gametypes, he was also expected by the TrueSkill system to 'backpack' teammates with lower MMRs, they said.

If an average team MMR for him was 1600, he was on the high end of that, and the game expected him to perform extremely well. It also believed the game to be a balanced match even though in reality this player had very little experience with the ranked playlist and how best to perform.