Halo Infinite's Lack Of Updates Is Forcing Its Biggest Streamers To Turn To Other Games

Halo Infinite’s lack of updates is forcing its biggest streamers to turn.

They have nothing in a long period of time.

It severely impacted its multiplayer base.

In the four months since it launched the Twitch viewing has dropped from 200k to 10k.

An abnormally low level of engagement for a live-service game, streamers are saying.

The game launched with many missing features.

Actual new content has not been added since the game launched.

Unless we start to see bigger features added the seasons will just be small upticks that fade away in a month or so, they said.

Some of them are now making videos about Call of Duty.

They are not happy to be unable to meet player and community expectations, they said.

They are struggling to encapsulate the challenge of maintaining an audience for modern multiplayer.