Honey Might Be The Key To Cooler, More Efficient, Biodegradable Chips

Honey might be the key to the cooler.

For neuromorphic computing, these chips might be the future.

To create brain-like computer chips, honey could be the next material.

Using biodegradable products, its proven practicality marks another step toward creating efficient processors.

First they processed honey into a solid.

Using a structure design similar to that of a human synapse, they jammed it between two electrodes.

They are proficient at learning and retaining information.

These memristors can work more efficiently, by mimicking the brain.

IBM and Intel also have chips that make use of this structure.

By using honey they are much more eco-friendly and efficient.

It has a very low moisture concentration, so bacteria cannot survive in it. This means these computer chips will be very stable and reliable for a very long time, they said.