Horrific Island in GTA 5 (Scary) 

You need to get to this location to reach this island.

Use boat to reach this island.

On reaching the island, you'll find a girl covered in blood.

By moving forward on the island, you'll find this sign.(Get out of here)

Then, you’ll hear crows, run towards them.

You’ll find multiple dead bodies there, with sinners written between them.

There will be a piece of paper near the sinners sign.

“I warned them, they didn’t listen, there faces are mine now” is written on the paper.

By searching more, you’ll find a house, two guys will call you for help.

You’ll also find a trunk full of bodies in the backyard.

After searching more, you’ll find hanged bodies.

You’ll soon find the monster who is cutting the body parts.

There will be many dead bodies in the room.

The monster will run towards you to kill.

You can try to kill him, but if he gets you the he will cut you in pieces.

In the next scene, you’ll be on his table, and he will be cutting you.