How to Catch Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Part 1

Survey Corps members regularly set out to different areas of the country to do research.

The Hisui region is home to many different kinds of Pokemon, which is good news for researchers.

But there are some Pokemon that are only available in certain conditions.

During a very specific time of day or when the weather is a certain kind of way.

You can look in your Pokedex to see where Pokemon are, and where they've been spotted on the map.

In Pokemon: Arceus, there are two ways to catch a Pokemon.

The first is to throw a Poke Ball at it directly.

Or you can start an encounter with it to lower its HP.

Aim your Poke Ball as you hold the ZR button.

Press the button to throw a Poke Ball.

To cancel a throw, press the B button.

Sometimes you'll fail to catch Pokemon just by throwing a Pokeball at it.

Pokemon can either run away or get mad if you try to catch them.

Any Poke Balls you throw in the overworld are useless.

With your Pokemon inside the Pokeball, you can capture a Wild Pokemon.

You can catch wild pokemon by throwing pokeballs at them. Aim with the ZR button and throw it.

When you catch a Pokemon, the steam from the Pokeball will tell you.

Sound will notify you that you were successful in catching the Pokemon.

To catch a Pokemon, you must first…

When you have to aim manually, it can be hard to hit your target.

Moreover, you can also see if it's easy to catch based on the arrow color.

More indicators will show how easy it is to catch Pokemon.

Try to sneak as much as possible.

Pressing B will make you hard to spot.

Use different structures to get near them.

Use rock or tree to hide.

Crouching works best on tall grass.

You see a Pokemon. Walk up to it and throw a Poke Ball.

Pokemon will react differently.