How to Catch Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Part 3

You can save your progress before it begins.

So, you can reset, if you fail.

Items can help you catch Pokemon.

If you want to catch Pokemon, but don't want to be seen, you can use a Smoke Bomb to make yourself invisible.

Bombs can help greatly.

If there are no obstacles to hide, then bombs can help a lot.

Also, they are incredibly useful when you're trying to catch Pokemon.

They will flee once they see the trainer.

Heavy balls are a special type of Poke Ball. They are the best choice for catching large, heavy Pokemon such as Snorlax or Onix.

If the Pokemon hasn't seen you yet, you're better off using your Pokeball.

It is heavier than a regular Poke ball, and it doesn't fly very far when you throw it.

If you want to catch Pokemon, make sure that you creep toward them before throwing the Pokeball.

Use heavy balls and smoke bombs together.