How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Legends Arceus - (Part 1)

There are seven different types of clothing in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The player can style their character in a variety of clothing options for each clothing type.


Here are some of the list of Headwears Available.


Here are some of the list of Tops Available.

2-Piece set

Here are some 2-Piece sets available.

Unnamed Clothes

We don't know what these items will be called or how much they'll cost.

Similarly, a list of headwears and masks are also available.

January 7 Trailer

The January 7th trailer showed off some new sets of unnamed clothing.

This collection included a hat, a set of clothes, and kimono patterns.

Baneful Fox Mask

The Baneful Fox Mask is a pre-order bonus..

You can get it at the clothier.