How to Get Cerberus Sniper Rifle in Final Fantasy XV?

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is fast travel to Fort Vaullerey parking spot.

Step 2

And go inside Fort Vaullerey Imperial Base.

Step 3

You have to follow this path.

Step 4

Here are the exact locations of Cerberus Sniper rifle.

Step 5

You will need to get the Cerberus Sniper rifle.

Step 6

You can see the Cerberus sniper rifle 3D model and stats here.

Step 7

Cerberus Sniper rifle equip animation.

Step 8

Turn on options->Combat->Wait mode.

Step 9

You must have to get enemy’s attention for the battle mode.

Step 10

Press R1, and the Triangle (2x) button.

Step 11

You will need to aim for the head when in scope mode.

Step 12

Use the triangle button again to zoom in, in scope mode.

Step 13

Scope mode limits your tun angle.

Step 14

You can shoot weapons off robots.

Step 15

You can’t enter the scope mode if fired upon.

Step 16

MA-X models hae orange spot weakness.

Step 17

Full fight using Cerberus in another base.