How to Get Graven - Elden Ring

How to Get Graven-School Talisman

To get this talisman, you will need to have reached the academy of Raya Lucaria.

You will need to find an Academy glintstone key which can be found here, to access the Academy.

When you obtain the academy Glintstone key, be careful as it is guarded by a dragon.

Take the elevator up to reach the academy of Raya Lucaria, from the main Academy gate.

To get through, this path has a lot of sorcerers, so either avoid them or fight them.

Until you reach the chapel, continue up the path and stay on the left to find the exit.

Follow the path on the right, from the rope bridge. Until you see a building.

Until you see a building, follow the path on the right. From the rope bridge.

Until you reach some moving Platform, head into the building.

Until it reaches the top, jump on the moving platform.

Continue into the building after dropping down on the ledge once you reach the top.

With some enemies here, there will be a long corridor.

Continue down the hallway then go through the opening on the right after either avoiding them or beating them.

Without books on it, you will notice a bookshelf.

Hitting the bookcase will reveal a hidden path.

There is a chest in the middle of the room that contains the spell comet, follow the path until you reach a room.

Climb up until you reach the east side of the room. There is a ladder, on one of the sides of the room.

Until you see a hole on the ground, jump over the railing.

You will see another hole after dropping down and on the south side. Once you drop down you will see a giant crystal mass.

To obtain the Graven school talisman, loot it.

Graven School Talisman Stats.

In the Elden Ring, Graven-School talisman is a Talisman that boosts the potency of sorceries.

It makes spells and buffs more powerful as it is useful for classes that use sorceries.

You will be able to do more damage using your spells, with the increase in power.