How to Get Invisible Legs in Red Dead Redemption 2

Step 1

First, you have to go to Fence and buy dynamite.

Step 2

And then go to a saloon in Saint Denis.

Step 3

Once you reach there, you need to go upstairs.

Step 4

You will find a woman there, antagonize her twice to make her leave.

Step 5

Now you have to plant dynamite on the floor by pressing R2.

Step 6

After that, go downstairs and purchase the bath by pressing the square button.

Step 7

And then return upstairs.

Step 8

Press the triangle button while heading towards bath.

Step 9

You are now outside the bathtub.

Step 10

And you can wash outside of the bathtub.

Step 11

Press the O button to exit the bath.

Step 12

Go back in bath (Allowed when wanted).

Step 13

You can now explore this forbidden area.

Step 14

And you can throw NPC in the bathtub.

Step 15

To keep the clothes on, you have to wait before going in.

Step 16

You can now wash with clothes on.

Step 17

The helper will also wash you with clothes on.

Step 18

Go to bath door at Van Horn trading post.

Step 19

After that, you need to place dynamite on the floor in front of the door.

Step 20

Purchase the bath on first floor.

Step 21

And then go back upstairs.

Step 22

Press the triangle button when you are near the door.

Step 23

Sometimes, you will have foot near the fireplace.

Step 24

And then you will die while in this room.

Step 25

Arthur no longer has clothes.

Step 26

And you will have nothing in the inventory.

Step 27

Your horse will also lose everything.

Step 28

But you can still ride your horse.

Step 29

Ride on your horse and go to a tailor in Saint Denis.

Step 30

Browse the catalog and buy a hat.

Step 31

You also have to buy boots.

Step 32

You will now have invisible legs.

Step 33

Skinny dipping mode.

Step 34

To bring back legs, you will need to remove the boots.